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Conversion Kits to make Harley Quads, Harley Reverse Trikes       and Traditional Harley Trikes from Softail Motorcycles

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Convert Your Harley-Davidson ® Softail ® Into A

Created in Belgium over ten years ago, these proven conversions are not only Euro-Spec approved, they are made to last a lifetime. Designed by a Formula One Racing Engineer in Belgium as a Harley quad conversion for the Harley-Davidson ® Softail ®, they knew that if it proved to handle as well as they thought, it would also work fantastic as a Harley Trike or a Harley Reverse Trike conversion.

It turned out better than they even dreamed it would, resulting in a quad conversion that can corner like a race car, stop on a dime and be predictable at speed.

By using the front kit only, the Q3F, you have a reverse trike that will out handle any traditional trike. By using the rear kit only, the Q3R kits, you will have a fantastic handling traditional trike with independent suspension, dual disc brakes, parking brake and multiple bodies to choose from or you can turn your Harley-Davidson 
® Softail ® into a Quad and really blow people’s minds everywhere you go.

When you combine our conversion kits to the Softail you end up with a Harley Quad, a Harley Reverse Trike or a Harley Trike


Harley-Davidson ®  and Softail ® are registered trademarks of the Harley-Davidson Motor Company ® These names are only used to specify what brand and which models that our conversion kits fit.  Harley-Davidson ® is not partners with nor does it endorse the Qtec-Engineering brand.