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Take this kit above and your Softail ® and turn it into something like these below.

The Q3F Reverse Trike

All pictures are simply representations of the conversion kit can look like when finished, some things you see in the pictures are available as an option or have nothing to do with the conversion kit.

The Reverse Trike with two wheels in the front handles so incredibly well you’ll wonder why you didn’t add this to your 2000 to 2017 Harley-Davidson ® Softail ® sooner.

This kit will replace your front suspension, front fender and tire with two low profile tires, Independent Suspension with twin adjustable shocks, dual disc brakes, fenders and an integrated braking system.

Conversion Kits to make Harley Quads, Harley Reverse Trikes       and Traditional Harley Trikes from Softail Motorcycles